Book of Condolence

OFI Code of Conduct

On this page member of OFI can make a declaration on how far they meet the demands set in the OFI Code of conduct. They are invited to fill in the form and submit the declaration to the OFI Secretariat. The Secretariat will put it online with the number of points.

For more information on the set-up of the declaration, please click here.

Please select the proper demands or your sector for the possibilities below:


OFI Members who alreay declared their expertise:

Agrexco, Israel, Exporter
Greeny Aquaculture, Malaysia, Exporter
Kerala Aqua Ventures, India, Exporter
Promotora Bama, Spain, Importer
Qian Hu Fish Farm Trading, Singapore, Exporter
Amblard S.A.
, France, Importer
Aquatic Wholesale Group, Netherlands, importer
Modern Pet Centre, India, Exporter