OFI 2019 Annual General Meeting to be Held at Aquarama 2019

OFI is pleased to announce that our 2019 Annual General Meeting will be hosted by Aquarama which runs from 31st May to 2nd June and will be held in Guangzhou China. The AGM will be held on the evening of 1st of June and will include a social event fo members - we strongly advise members to attend.

As well as holding the AGM, there are also plans to host an OFI Pavillion for OFI members to promote their business in the rapidly expanding Chinese market. OFI President, Shane Willis, said “It’s a great opportunity for both organisations to continue our long history, and encourage members to visit China which is a major part of the international ornamental fish market” China is fast becoming one of the largest markets for ornamental fish in the world, and is probably the largest suppliers of accessories in the international market today. Having the AGM in China means members will be able to visit this important market, and gives members exposure to this massive market and the opportunity to find new customers."

The AGM also gives members an opportunity to meet and discuss important issues in the international market , being such a diverse and spread out industry it is hard to get people to one place to meet and the AGM is the best opportunity we have for this. For more details contact the secretariat.


For more information on Aquarama vist http://www.aquarama.com.cn/en/


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