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Ornamental Fish International (OFI)

OFI (Ornamental Fish International) has received the terrible news that its Secretary General, Dr. Alex Ploeg, his wife Edith, their son Robert and his friend Robin, perished in the plane crash above Ukraine on Thursday, 17 July.

View the Book of Condolence with personal notes from OFI members.

Ornamental Fish International (OFI)

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Support the aquarium industry: Join OFI

Aims of OFI

  • Represent the international aquarium industry and make it strong and dynamic.
  • Defend interests of its members.
  • Ensure the continuation of worldwide trade in ornamental aquatic animals and aquatic plants, and products for the industry.
  • Aim for a reliable, trustworthy reputation of the aquarium industry.
  • Maintain the OFI Code of Ethics.
  • Ensure high standards by continuous development.
  • Keep OFI members fully informed.
  • Promote the hobby of aquarium keeping throughout the world.

Current emerging issues that will have serious effects on the aquarium industry:

  • Invasive Alien Species, keeping species with risks to biodiversity will be restricted.
  • Animal health, restrictions to imports based on animal health risks. Can countries comply?
  • Sharing of benefits, do we have to pay to be allowed to breed ornamental fish?
  • CITES, species protection is good, but also necessary?
  • Animal welfare, how to address changing attitudes in import countries?

How OFI works

  • Through direct contact with many governments.
  • Through participation in conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Through close cooperation with colleague trade association.
  • Through direct contact with colleague NGO’s, supporting the industry as well as opposing it.
  • Through following changes in legislation, following media and scientific work.
  • Through maintaining close contacts with members and many non-members.

How OFI informs members

  • OFI Members Updates (almost weekly updates per email on all topics related to the aquarium industry. Exclusively for members)
  • OFI Journal (full color magazine on trends, innovations, and reports. Free for members and selected OFI relations, paid for by others).
  • OFI books (educational books on aspects of the aquarium trade, for industry, science and governmental organizations. Free for members and selected OFI relations, paid for by others)

OFI members

Reliable business partners

OFI is a trade association, not a quality assurance scheme. Nevertheless OFI members have a very good reputation. Members of OFI are committed to adhere to the OFI Code of Ethics. The members’ list in the OFI website is used by many, also nonmembers, as a general source for reliable, high quality suppliers and customers. 

Benefit from cooperation

OFI members from all over the world maintain contacts to exchange ideas, information and even possible suppliers. They hugely benefit from each other.


This cooperation is strongly supported by OFI by events like OFI Dinners at Aquarama, at OFI booths at international trade shows, and at all other events wherever possible. 

How to become a member of OFI?

  • Sign in at this website, or by filling in the application form in this brochure.
  • Pay cash, per bankremittance or per creditcard (visa or master card)
  • Your membership will start immediately after receipt of payment.

After joining

  • You will receive a formal invoice.
  • You will receive a membership certificate.
  • You will receive the latest OFI Journal.
  • You will receive the latest OFI book.
  • Your company details will be uploaded to the OFI website.
  • Your details will be announced in the next Members Update.
  • Your details will be announced in the next OFI Journal.
  • You will receive one 25 cm OFI sticker and five 10 cm stickers
  • You will receive access to the members area in the OFI website

As OFI member

  • You are entitled to have a banner in the OFI website (paid).
  • You can have adverts in the OFI Journals and OFI books at a reduced rate.
  • You have access to the OFI Annual Meeting
  • You have access to the OFI Dinner at Aquarama (registration fee)
  • You have support from the OFI secretariat in matters of common interest.
  • You will receive OFI publications for free.

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