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OFI will be attending CIPS in Shanghai between November 4 to 7. OFI President Dr Gerald Bassleer will be representing OFI at CIPS and will make a presentation on "EU Trade & Laws" on Thursday November 5th at 10:30 (room 8.2H 7300). OFI will also have a table & chairs at our Chinese Representative Tianjin Qilin Advertisement, booth no: Q119-120. More details on CIPS can be found at: en.cipscom.com/

Please take this opportunity to catch up with your President.

Recently the Food and Veterinary Office of the EU, the EU inspection service, audited Spain with respect to apple snails in the Ebro Delta. As previously reported to you, the damage to rice fields of the Ebro delta by apple snails was the reason that the importation of apple snails was prohibited all over Europe. The legislation also brings obligations for Spain. These obligations were audited. Main conclusions: - apple snails have disappeared from pet shops and import facilities in Spain; - no apple snails were found in Spain outside the Ebro-delta; - eradication does not entirely take place in all aspects as has been prescribed by the EU; - The infestation cannot be entirely eradicated, only limited. The full report can be found here.

Secretary General participated in a conference ‘Towards a Consolidated Network of Knowledge on Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services in Europe’. This conference was about establishing a network of institutions, scientists, and stakeholders to assemble information. All these parties were present in the meeting. In the past already many attempts have been made to assemble information, usually short-term projects that ended with the end of the funding. This is now an attempt to develop a structure to coordinate all who work in this area, so when questions come up, it is clear whom to contact for what information. Actually, the meeting was especially about the organization of such a network, rather than about the actual problems with biodiversity.

Recently the Environmental Committee of the European Parliament approved the final draft of the new EU regulation on Invasive Alien Species. It will most probably be adopted by the plenary of the Parliament. The new legislation will get into force one year after official publication of the regulation. You can download a consolidated version here. There will be a list of Invasive species of concern to the EU, based on criteria and decided on by a scientific committee. Species on this list will not be allowed within the European Union, not for import, nor breeding and production. Present keepers are allowed to keep their animal until it dies. Traders with stocks of species on the list have two years to sell their stock. More details later in an article in the OFI Journal.

OFI members have accepted the OFI charter at the last Annual Genral Meeting of OFI at Aquarama 2015 final ratification will occur at the 2017 AGM. By accepting the OFI Charter OFI members are contractually obligated to be ethical participants in the world-wide aquatic ornamental trade.


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