OFI AGM and Interzoo Plans

OFI is eargerly looking forward to the bi-annual Interzoo event to be held from 8 to 11 May in Nuremberg, Germany. This is one of the premirer pet industry events of the world and a great place to meet fellow industry professionals, suppliers, customers an of course friends.

OFI will have a booth in  Hall 4, stand number 302. We encourage anyone in the ornamental fish sector to visit us and as always our members are welcome to use our booth as a meeting place. 

We are also pleased to inform you that Nathalie, OFI EU representative, will be present on May 8, for...

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Call for Industry Support for Fijian Reef Restoration Project

OFI member Walt Smith International has released an open letter to the ornamental fish industry seeking support for the ADE Project that they are associated with. The ADE Project assists local communities to ‘plant’ corals to restore degraded reef areas around Fiji. Walt states that they have planted more corals on the Fijian reefs than have been exported to help make their industry sustainable.

Walt hopes that if industry shows more support for this project it will help in the negotiations to try a...

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Confusion around Fiji announcement to stop live rock and coral exports

The marine ornamental fish industry has suffered another blow with the recent announcement by the Ministry of Fisheries in Fiji to implement a 'zero quota for export of live rock and coral for 2018.' While the move is aimed at protecting the island nations coral reef resources, there is considerable confusion around the announcement, particularly about export of farmed corals. There is also potential massive job losses with one industry member already announcing they will need to shed 75% of their workforce as a result of this change top legislation.

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Tests for Detection of Illegal Cyanide Fishing a Step Closer

The issue of Illegal Cyanide Fishing in marine fisheries has been a problem for many years. This practice is used in the collection of reef fish for food and for the ornamental fish industry, and due to its dangerous and destructive nature is illegal in most countries around the world. The ornamental fish in general disapproves of this practice and our OFI Charter specifically states that members should not trade in cyanide caught fish. However, there is no reliable and practical test for the detection of cyanide use in fish and for this reason it can be difficult to detect and prosecute th...

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Scott Dowd nominated for prestigious prize

Boston, Mass., September 19, 2017 – Scott Dowd of Project Piaba, a non-profit organization which studies and fosters beneficial socioeconomic and environmental Amazonian aquarium fish trade, has been nominated for the 2018 Indianapolis Prize for his work with Amazon fisheries. Dowd joins 31 other global leaders nominated for the prize.

Regarded as the world’s leading animal conservation award, the Indianapolis Prize is a biennial recognition...

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It was with great sadness that we received the news that
Wim Tomey, laureate of the 2007 OFI Award, passed away on 20 February, 2017.

"The OFI Award 2007 was presented on May 26th 2007 by the president of the Ornamental Fish International to Mr. Wim Tomey.

Mr. Tomey received the Award for his activities over 30 years of successfully consulting and assisting governments, institutions, companies, hobby associations and private individuals. He had had a hand in developing export facilities and commercial breeding centers for ornamental fish, utilizing biological technical...

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2016 OFI Award goes to Keith Davenport

Nuremberg, Germany – May 27, 2016 – Keith Davenport of OATA has been awarded the 2016 OFI Award for his for his immense work for the aquatic industry in the UK and internationally, and his unlimited willingness to share information and cooperate with colleagues across the globe. Keith has been Chief Executive Officer of the UK trade organisation OATA since 1991 and became a true leading light in the community of trade associations working with ornamental aquatic industry issues. He is always the first to share information with others, and is always ...

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Finding Dory

Montfort (Netherlands):  There is no doubt that movies such as “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” increase the interest in keeping ornamental fish and become the inspiration for moving ‘new comers’ to the hobby. However, it is important when selecting any pet, including fish, that you do your homework to find out what equipment and care is needed for the pet. While the internet can be a reliable source of information Ornamental Fish International (OFI) would also encourage people to visit and speak with specialist retailers to get the right informatio...

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OFI supports CITES decision not to list BCF on Appendix II

The situation for the Banggai Cardinal Fish has been of major concern to OFI for many years, although not necessarily for the same reasons as suggested by CITES CoP17 prop. 46.

We are dealing with a species with a very restricted distribution, exposed to a multitude of threats. In addition to the collection for the ornamental fish trade, which has shown a decreasing trend in later years, these threats include destruction of the macro and micro habitats, due to destructive fishing methods for food fish and selective targeting of the host sea anemones and sea urchins. Use as feeder ...

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Aquarama becomes first sponsor of OFI

OFI would like to announce that Aquarama has confirmed its support of OFI as a Silver Sponsor of OFI. Aquarama is one of the leading ornamental fish trade shows in the world and provides the ornamental fish industry a forum for promoting products and exchanging ideas. OFI looks forward to working more closely with Aquarama over the coming year.

OFI President Shane Willis said “OFI has worked closely with Aquarama over many years, and is proud to move forward with an even closer relationship under the sponsorship arrangement.” He continued to say “ our industry continues to f...

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