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Frederic Amblard - President

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Headquarter: B.P. 29 – 81540 Sorèze,
Tel: +33 5 63 98 2009
+33 5 63 61 2491
EUS Disease free: Not disease free
KHV Disease free: Not disease free
SVC Disease free: Not disease free
WSD Disease free: Not disease free

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Europe's largest consolidators of live tropical fish. We ship all over Europe. Tropical freshwater fish, quality Discus, cichlids, aquatic plants, coldwater fish (including Japanese Koi), marine fish, (Red Sea, Indo-Pacific, South Pacific, Cortez, Carribean and Hawaiian), hard corals (Indo-Pacific, South Pacific and captive-bred), Tridacna (7 species, wild and captive-bred), and the best quality live rock (South Pacific and Indonesian).

Certified “Marine Aquarium Council”.

Certified ISO 9001

Certified ISO 14001

Accredited I.A.T.A

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