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Francisco Pin

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Calle Las Malvinas S/N
Caserio Rumococha , San Juan
Tel: +51 1 9979 25299
+51 65 600 985
+51 1 4440 009
EUS Disease free: Not disease free
KHV Disease free: Not disease free
SVC Disease free: Not disease free
WSD Disease free: Not disease free

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Wholesale operation for the export of Peruvian freshwater fish, we are providers of wild-caught ornamental fish with highest quality available and excellent friendly service. We are an ISO accredited company on selection, handling, conditioning of the fish as well as biological control and water treatment; proudly being the only South American to achieve this certification. With over 1200 species available from these attractive countries, we are your one-step supplier for high quality South American fish. L-numbers, stingrays, Apistogrammas, discus, knife fish, scalar, Corydoras, tetras are just a few species of the beautiful fish that we provide.

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